Friday, August 19, 2011

Updates and A Change...MUST COME!!

Today started off a little slow because I went to bed so late, but woke up to a great day indeed!! I forgot to mention yesterday that I completed another task on my DIY to do list: I de-cluttered and took a bag of “bad” clothing (stained, ripped, etc.) to Goodwill. I wanted to take them to Salvation Army, but their line was always busy and I didn’t want to make an uneventful trip, so I called Goodwill and found out they ship “bad” clothing to third world countries instead of throwing them away. I’m good with that.

I started off the day with another task completed. After having breakfast and adding flaxseeds to my waffles, I dusted the entire first floor. This included the furniture, all my windows, blinds and light fixtures. Now just as quickly as I finished these things, I added two more things to my list: tighten all the screws in my drawers and chairs, do the treatment on my living room furniture. I was supposed to do it every six months, so I’m a little overdue. I’ll get to it before summer ends though.

Now, I just want to chat about some observations that will need actions!! Yesterday, I stopped in a gas station and was dumbfounded by a magazine I saw there. I was shocked and offended; just couldn’t believe my eyes. It was called High News, and the front cover was covered in “herbs”. I asked the attendant about it, and she said simply and nonchalantly…”oh, that’s a magazine about weed.” *serious side eye* Umm…I thought she was joking and that it was fake, especially with headlines like, “grow big bunches in small places”.

I was so outdone...especially because this woman was defending this magazine and she went on to say it informed people on different flavors and would be no different if there was a magazine about different scents of shampoo. The DIFFERENCE is it’s not illegal use shampoo. Even though marijuana is used for medicinal purposes, you have to have a prescription and can’t just grow your own herbs. Isn’t that right or am I missing something? I did not care I was holding up the line looking at her in disbelief…I was so done talking to her and just decided someone needs to be written about this. I later went online and could not find a website for the publication…imagine that. Now, I’ll have to go back to the store and get the contact info…that is a mess…

Now, today, must be a writing campaign day, because I was appalled to hear that a private CATHOLIC school in my hometown was ordering a returning student to remove her Sisterlocks before starting school on Monday. While I agree with some styles being a distraction to the learning environment (unnatural hair colors, etc), Sisterlocks is NOT one of them and sounds to me like blatant discrimination, mainly because non-ethnic people are not aware of ethnic groups who celebrate culture, hair diversity and natural textures as a standard for beauty.

If this was a business, I might yell for a boycott, but when it comes to a child’s education in a place that may or may not want her there, BUT accepts government funds to allow certain students to be there, this is a cause for other tactics. She is approaching her senior year and it should not be sprinkled with rhetoric implying that she is not good enough. Why should she be treated differently and unfairly because she’s being her natural self? There are plenty of professional men and women who wear sister/brother locks and dreadlocks alike. It does not take away from their intelligence or professional demeanor. In fact, it enhances both, having a proud, confident and competent person working there or attending that function.

My challenge to all, make your voice heard!! If a cause is important to you, call, write and once you have all the correct information, put the situation on blast!! Blog about it and tell someone. This school policy and any other policies violating our rights to be who we are, but more important, this attitude behind the policies is what must change. We are all people, eligible and worthy of acceptance everywhere we walk. You don’t have to like my hair, but you will respect it. Stop allowing policies, in the name of Jesus, to berate and mistreat us, and the children we raise to be proud of whom they are. We should be proud of who we are, what we look like and how we treat other people!! PEACE and LOVE!!

Love yourself today!! ALL of yourself!! I LOVE me and I LOVE my hair!! Help our little brothers and sisters know it's ok to love theirs too!! Let folks that don't appreciate OUR hair know too!!

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