Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Thought Wednesday - Day 24

Hello all!! I can't think of anything significant to say today. So I guess this is just Random Thought Wednesday...I did try a couple of new things though.

This was a meatless Wednesday - veggies galore!! Carrots, peppers, spincach, dill potatoes, black beans, rice, guacamole.

I think guacamole is my new favorite food. I will eat anything guac and drink anything peach.

I made a new recipe: new potato salad with mustard instead of mayo.

I really need to go through my business cards and do some follow ups.

I'm excited about this Writing Forum coming up in a few weeks.

Part of the day was kinda meloncholy, thinking about someone in my past.

I took a short nap today, after watching Phat Girlz (that movie always cheers me up).

I really want to get a dog and I'm thinking of names.

Thinking about a move in about 12.5 months.

Judgmental people truly amaze me...I wish they could see their judgment is merely their own insecurities.

I really like this hair hand. Thank you Petronella!! Come to think of it, I really like this picture too!!