Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye January...Hello to Me!!

January was pretty darn good...I must say. It was full of challenges, but it allowed me to be real with myself and others...alot of things were revealed about my relationships. Much better bonds were formed and that feels great!! I heard January's supposed to have the worst day of the year in it, but I found January to be very inspiring. My spirits were lifted higher than they have been in a while.

One thing I found out...I may be frugalicious, but I am not organized. The Soror I'm helping to declutter is helping me organize. She is AWESOME at it!! She's even doing a little redecorating in my home. Love her!!

As a say goodbye to January, I say hello to February!! My Birthday month, my Fast Food Free month, my "on to the next success" month!! Welcome!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I only have ONE resolution for 2011. GO FOR IT. Write it down and make it happen.

Things are not realized in our lives because we don't ask and work for it. We wish it, hope for it and expect others to just drop it in our laps. Not this year...I have put so many of my dreams on the back burner and it's now time to put them back in front and turn on the fire underneath them.

My rules for 2011? There are no rules!! Just realizations!!

My Plan for 2011? I'm not settling for less, not taking on stress and not getting involved in mess!!

I challenge you to BE your best you in 2011!! Make your plan and put it to work!! Happy New Year!!