Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 20: Giving & Receiving: Onto Another Level!!

So, I was helping one of my greatest friends pack up her things, as she is moving out of town. It's been a two day process, but it has been a great time for us and very enlightening. In fact, after this weekend, I think we reached a new level in our friendship.

So we are chatting as we're sorting and packing. If you saw my FB status yesterday, you know I was having a great time with those space vac bags. Watching the bags shrink was seriously, so fun!! Anyway, we talked about everything from men to kids, gossip to God and everything in between. She kept thanking me for helping, but to me it was a given. That's what you do for friends; you're there for each other, you help each other when they have a need. Plus, she was just helping at my daughter's graduation party in June!!

She mentioned that she was used to always being the giver, so receiving had been difficult for her. I could give her an "Amen" on that one ten times. I told her I used to be the same way and that it's okay to receive, ESPECIALLY because you're a giver. We continued on with our work, laughter and chatter.

As we're finishing up loading my car with the items she was donating, I slammed the trunk closed and walked back into the house. Then I realized...I think I locked my keys in the trunk. I had them on my waist loosely...I think they fell in a bag. I'm franticly looking outside, inside and hoping and praying we find them somewhere else. Nowhere...I begin to panic, very upset with myself for this. Now, she's calm and saying we can take care of this, we can work together to get a locksmith. So we're calling the 24 hour locksmiths and getting ridiculous quotes up to $160. I don't have $100+ to throw away or want to because I was so careless (my insurance company would have reimbursed it, but still)!! She was offering it, but I just didn't want her to come out of the money either, especially when she's moving...

Finally, we're sitting waiting for the locksmith and she took a personal call. He asked if my seats folded down...YES and my doors were unlocked!! DUH!! Why didn't we think of that? Men are so smart!! We rushed outside snatching the bags through the backseat and found my keys in the one open bag. Called the locksmith and cancelled, saved a bundle and let out the biggest sigh of relief!!

The most touching thing about this though...she turned to me and said..."See, next time just trust your girl." She was so right. We talked about her earlier, but now it was my turn. I still have some learning to do when it comes to receiving too. She's my girl, of course she would have helped me with my situation!! So grateful for friends like her and we learned such a valuable lesson in friendship. It's okay to "LEAN ON ME".


  1. I love this....the friendship bond, solutions, simplicity...I am a giver, and I am learning to many people ask me why I help and I say, why not???


  2. So cool! You are such a good friend! I so want to try the vaccuum thingy-LOL It looks like fun! Hope you had a great weekend!