Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 29: Abundantly Happy!!

Oh happy day!! Oh happy day!!

It was good one. Started off on a good note with ZUMBA!! First, had a yogurt with flaxseeds and two bottles of water. Headed to the gym for a great class!! Then, got a little work done and drank some more water.

I spent some great quality time with my parents today too, chatting and watching the soaps (well me and my Mom anyways). We caught up on some things and of course Daddy was telling jokes and giving advice.

Once I left there, I got some more writing done, updated the budget sheet and wrote my Abundance Check. Want to write yours, check it out here: Abundance Checks

I also got in some reflection and gratitude time. I think I’m finally out of this mourning stage…I fully released the people I was holding on to and leaving stuff in the past!! It was a happy day indeed!! The word for today was indeed ABUNDANCE!! Abundance in life, health, love and happiness!!

Then, I got an unexpected call… J

See what happens when you release the old? The new steps in place!! Hey!!

Here I am holding my beautiful silk pillow/quilt I got from China. The detail is so intricately gorgeous and it always reminds me of wealth!! It’s no surprise I picked it up today!!

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