Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 25: New Day, New Outlook

What a difference a new outlook makes!!

I overslept today and had a hard time getting up. Then I dragged and dragged. I felt like I wasn't in a good mood. Not really sure why. Yesterday, I felt melonholy, today it was irritation. I knew I didn't want to feel this way all day, but I just allowed myself to feel it anyway. I just wanted to play it out, maybe I would learn something more. Finally, I decided to get up, take a shower and washed my hair.

Have you ever had a the perfect shower? One that seemed to not only wash the dirt away, but also wash away the bad thoughts, the irritation (whatever it was), the bad attitude? That was my experience today. I think by deciding to look better, I decided to feel better. I remember repeating one of my favorite affirmations to myself, "I deeply and completely love and accept myself". Those words alone combat the urget to feel fear, anxiety, insecurities and complaints.

I know many people believe that "life happens" (or sugar, honey, ice tea happens) but it really is true that we create the life that happens to us!! I challenge everyone, including myself, to use affirmations. If you already do, use them more often. I'll share a few, but the more personalized and specific you make yours, the better the results.

Money issues: "Money comes easily and frequently!!"

Health issues: "I am happy and grateful now that my body has restored itself to its natural state of health."

Doubt: "I now release all thoughts of limitation and I live my life freely."

Insecurity/Self criticism: "I love and approve of myself and see myself through eyes of love."

Fear: "I love myself and trust the process of life."

I think I even see a little glow in my pic today!! New outlook indeed!!

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