Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's "Do Whatever I Can Wednesday"...

It’s a great report day!! Confessions first, though, I missed my gym appointment, but my body got plenty of movement walking, dancing and working throughout the day. I wanted to start off the day writing, but nothing would come, so I started cleaning and putting things away. I sat down to write again, but still nothing, so I went on to gather up some items to declutter.

Decluttering is the process of getting rid of items no longer needed, wanted or loved. It always helps me clear my space, as well as my thoughts. So I gathered a couple of bags and freecycled them, including clothes, food and coupons. They no longer had a place in my house or my life, so I gave them away. So, what was next…yes, went back to the computer.

Sigh…still nothing, so I grabbed my screwdriver and completed the first task on my DIY (Do It Yourself) to do list that I wrote about last week. I opened up the boxes, took out the screws, read the directions and put together my jewelry box. It was a Christmas present and I actually need to have been using…YESTERDAY!! I won’t even tell you all the places I have my jewelry scattered around this house. Every time I need a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or that one pin, I ALWAYS have to look for it. No more!! Everything will have a place!!

As far as the other challenges go, I can say today has been a good one, quite frugalicious, I might add. I spent no money today, did very minimal driving and I cooked and ate all meals at home. I found a new recipe in a cookbook I received for my housewarming two years ago and I will be making an improvised version of it today, using what I have on my shelves. It’s all about the creative cooking ya’ll!! Try it, you’ll like it!!

After all this today...I'm FINALLY on the verge of writing's only a couple of sentences and a concept, but it's a start.

Enjoy your evening!!

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