Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Productive 'Til the End: Day 30

Today has been a wonderfully productive day!! Got up today determined to get some things done. Since I am interested in more writing, I decided to write SOMETHING every single day. Thankfully with this 30 day challenge, a new habit has been formed, so the transition should be seamless. I'm a little sad the challenge is ending, as I had some really enlightening experiences this month with this project. Thank you again for joining me, reading this blog and commenting here, on facebook and face-to-face.

So, I wanted to go to Yoga, but after writing a full piece this morning, I no longer had the urge to go. It wasn't because I just didn't feel like it, I just felt a release from the feeling of participating. I'm learning to be easy nowadays. If something doesn't feel right, I'm not beating myself up to do it. What I did instead was go on a complete mission of sorts:

- gathered all the recycling in the house and took it out
- started preparation for dinner since I knew I had a meeting later
- bagged up some items for freecycle
- put misc things that were out of place, in their place (stuff like pens, paper clips, cards, etc.)
- FINALLY cleared off my dining room table!! PRAISE JESUS!! (Another item checked off my DIY list)

I was up and down the stairs, moving here and there. I was determined to clean off that table before leaving the house. I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch with plenty of water and veggies too. I may not have gone to yoga, but I did get both a workout and peace of mind. A bonus: While rummaging through all my junk today, I found TWO gift cards!! FREE MONEY HONEY!! Abundant living!!

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