Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9: A Creative Update

Wow, it has been a whirlwind of a week. The last few days flew by and I didn’t even have time to get online most days. It has been a creative weekend though, one that has sparked my interest and soared my motivation to do MORE than I’m doing now. I’m so excited to be getting on with the life I want and deserve to have.
In the last couple of days I have become so inspired by the many people I’ve met, as well as some people who I met all over again. By that I mean, I already know them, but after hearing them pour out their dreams and aspirations, I met a new side of them. Because they were so open to sharing ideas with me, my own ideas and visions have been stimulated.
I did some healthy things in the last few days, but most of my time was devoted to my creative career. So healthy first, I still haven’t dined out. Okay, let me take that back. Saturday, my daughter and I participated in a parking lot sale. We were rushing so much that morning I only grabbed a banana and water. I sent her back home for hangers and she ran to get herself something from McDonalds, who is doing their annual Monopoly game; we got an instant win for a Quarter Pounder. I had that for lunch. Why? Because I was running and didn’t plan well. I shouldn’t have, but looking on the bright side, at least I didn’t have to pay for it.
I still cooked that night, finally making those pork steaks, rice and veggies. It was very tasty and I was happy to finally have a fully stocked kitchen, after two months. Yes, Lord, I finally got to the grocery store and maxed out the budget I set at the beginning of the month.  The next night, I ate salmon croquette and rice at my Soror’s house. Both days I got in my walking time. Both Thursday and Friday, I walked for my exercise of choice, mostly because that’s all I had time to do.
Now Saturday…it was not the best eating day, not horrible either, just not great. I did have some water but absolutely no exercise. I just didn’t have the time. What I did have time for fed my soul, as it was creatively charged and I felt so alive in it. Saturday morning, I attended the Northwest Ohio Writers Forum’s Write Brain Workshop and it was AWESOME. I met some great people, learned about mind mapping and even found out I’m interested in writing other genres. After meeting extraordinary blogger Karen CL Anderson and hearing her story, I am convinced I’m in the right place at the right time. If you are looking for motivation in self-acceptance, check out her blog at
Meeting people with diverse backgrounds and walks of life is truly a testament of how remarkable the world is. We are all so different, but met together for a common goal we all have: to be better writers. I loved that the atmosphere was so warm, inviting and just simply kind to all that attended. There were no negative critiques because we recognized that all have a gift; the unique ability to tell our story or tell another story from a perspective of our choice.
The stories didn’t stop there for me today, because I took away so much knowledge and curiosity to see just what else will come out of me. Stay tuned, I’m getting ready to stir up the gift and pour it out into the world!!
After a short break, I attended the film screening for a great film project I participated in last year. I was nervous to see what we all produced together creatively. I was very happy with the finished projects. We had our constructive criticism, but we all agreed we can correct and adjust those things for the next project. It’s such a blessing and a gift to see your dream come to fruition; to watch it be birthed right before your eyes; to sit back and see the fruits of your hard work. Not only was it entertaining, it also encouraged us to keep dreaming and continuing writing. Congratulations and shout out to LaPala Crawford for your first project’s progress from thought, to paper to film!! Thank you for the opportunity!!
One thing I’ve learned in life…If you want your dreams to come true, help someone else’s dreams come true!! You will receive it back 100 fold!!



  1. What an inspiring post, Latisha! I too struggle to eat right and exercise regularly. Plus, it's hard sticking to a budget, especially with so many necessary items (like gas) sky high. I'm going to write down my exercise plan for the week--thanks for the inspiration!

  2. It was WONDERFUL to meet you Latisha...and I learned quite a bit from you, as well! That's what I like about these kinds of events...they're reciprocal :-)

    Let's just keep on keepin' on!

  3. Thank you so much Jill, for reading and subscribing!! It was great meeting you!! We can definitely inspire each other!!

    Likewise Karen!! It was a great exchange indeed and I look forward to what will come of us in the future!! Thanks so much for reading!!