Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4: Awesome. Clean. Grateful

Today was beautiful outside, and although I got the chance to see some of it, I spent most of the day inside working. The first part of the day was pretty domestic getting food and running errands. I got meat on sale and was able to use a church pantry to replace what I wasn’t able to get from Angel Food Ministries last month. I called them to chat about AFM to see if there was another program like it and they invited me in. I’m truly grateful!!

So I finished my menu for the rest of the week and today we’re having skillet fried pork steaks basted and seasoned with garlic, honey and barbeque sauce, seasoned rice and veggie medley. For dessert, we’re having Jello and fruit.

Breakfast was the usual toast and tea. For lunch I had the leftover brown rice, veggies and tomato slices. I’m feeling pretty good and this challenge, as well as all the comments, are keeping me motivated to stick with it. Exercise was nothing fancy, just plain old housework. I did some deep cleaning, window cleaning, lifting and moving, sweeping and dusting.

Side bar: If you really want a deep clean, you can skip the high priced stuff and go straight to any Dollar General, Family Dollar or Dollar Tree and pick up a bottle of AWESOME!! It's only a $1.00 and you will NOT regret it!!

Then I decided to follow up on some calls and paperwork. I started the list by calling to dispute a Red Light traffic violation I received in the mail. I KNOW I can turn on red, since there was no sign saying I couldn’t, so I had no intention of paying it!! I called and spoke to a very kind and helpful woman who told me about the ticket. Did you know you can view your red light violation video online? OMG!! That is sweet!! But if it proves you owe $120.00…it’s not that sweet. I didn’t come to a complete stop and if I had, I would not have received a ticket…I was a little upset, but I am grateful because I will have no points on my license and it will not be reported to my insurance agent.

Cleaning got me to thinking and I was so humbled today. I am also grateful for the things I received free this week:
-          beautiful vase with faux plants (great for my dining room d├ęcor)
-          food to replenish my cupboard
-          knee highs (it was a free gift to my Mom for an order she placed)
-          wi-fi thanks to the library

Whew, I really needed that that pep talk and cleaning spree. What a waste of money (the ticket that is)!! Lesson learned!! Well, at least my kitchen is spotless and I picked up my clutter and all the surfaces are clean!! Ahhh...good night!!

Oh, didn't want to forget today's affirmation:

"Life always deals me an easy card, and I gratefully receive it."

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  1. Latisha, I'm loving the blogs. How encouraging and motivating!! I want to do something very similar. I am in my pre life style change (if that makes any sense). How did you get such a cool platform to share your messages and motivations. Promise I'm not stealing the idea...it's just something in the air ;o)