Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 13: Updating you on Destiny

Hello everybody!! I’m checking in and it’s been a while!! Well, as the saying goes, “no news is GOOD news!!” I can honestly say, I’ve been busy and in a very good way!!

Anytime I’m behind the mic, I am in heaven and that’s some of what I’ve been up to. I ended my last blog over last weekend and didn’t get the chance to share my creative Sunday. I wasn’t able to get to church because of my recording, but I’d like to think anytime I’m using my God-given talents, I’m honoring Him and the gift. The animation project I spoke of in August has now reconvened and we were testing mics and recording characters. I had a lot of fun with one particular character, trying out my bayou accent. As long as the writer/director liked it, I was good. It was fun to put my voices to work.

Okay, so besides being on that high, I was still very excited about the Writer’s Workshop I attended on Saturday. So I have been busy writing, writing and writing. I have some new ideas of what I want to go next and I also decided to participate in a 50,000 word challenge in November. This will be in honor of National Novel Writing Month at I will be creating and building some characters I’ve already established for a project. I really didn’t know where those characters were going until this past weekend. Now they will take form in November.

On the exercise front, I’ve only found a little time to walk, so I haven’t been to the gym all weekend and probably won’t again until Monday. I do have my Turbo DVD at home…although I haven’t used that this week either. So walking will have to do. I’ve been walking in the neighborhood, parking lots, stores and even some serious movement at home. I will be tackling these leaves this weekend too, so you already know that’s a workout. My pop (or soda, for those not in my area) intake has been kinda steady…I promise I’ll do better though. I am still getting my tea in though.

I have been doing some cooking, but we’ve been invited to eat other places several times in the last several days. Plus yesterday was my daughter’s 19th birthday. Go ahead and gasp…yes, she’s 19!! LOL We went out to eat and I didn’t eat all my food, like I usually do. I had some to save for later (which my daughter ATE)!! LOL

My last thing to report is that I have been spending time with one of my oldest sorority sisters and she is such a joy. In addition to her wisdom, I am learning patience. She’s 78 and asked me to teach her how to use the computer. Even though she’s filled with wisdom and has taught me so much, I admire her for being so willing to learn from someone else. So I helped her make a card for one of her oldest friends that turned 100 this week. It was cute to see how tickled she was when that card printed. So we’ve been working on her typing and getting on the internet.

As I proofread this particular blog, I can’t help but say, “Thank you Lord”. My life is truly blessed and when I say highly favored, I really mean it. All the trials and tribulations life throws at us NEVER compare to the great days we have. My good days far outweigh the bad ones. We can always point out what we’re not and what we don’t have, but I am so grateful for where and who I am now, for it is better than it used to be. Everyday we have the capacity to get better and I strive to do that daily. I wish the same for you.

Today’s affirmation is about being grateful for the life we live.
“I am grateful for all that I have, all that I am and all God has created me to be.”

P.S. I started on dinner early today!!


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  2. Okay, I am gasping because there's no way you're old enough to have a 19-year-old daughter!!

    And I am SO with you on the gratitude...

  3. Thanks for the advice Charice...Although I don't golf, I can certainly use the stretching exercises. LOL

    Karen!! I always get the gasp!! LOL

    Gratitude really helps me get through the "not so great" days. It's truly a great feeling!! Thanks for reading!!