Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3: Glad to Do Something...and Progress!!

Hello all!! I got up early and did some meditation, a practice that I have placed on the shelf for quite some time, so you can only imagine how difficult it was to sit still (or in a comfortable position) and just listen. My mind wandered off several times, but I realized it’s just part of the process…meditation takes practice. I have been listening to this book on CD called Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and it is a great story about this woman’s year long spiritual journey as she traveled through Italy, India and Indonesia. She describes her thoughts in such detail and I can relate on so many levels, so experiencing my mind go in each direction on my first try back to the journey, makes me chuckle. I don’t take myself too seriously and guess what, I did get some “movement” directions for today. Everything happens for a reason.

After jotting down my notes and ending my mediation session, I had breakfast. It’s one I’ve had for the last few days, partially because that’s what is already in the house and because I’m really enjoying it. Also, not that I’m consciously omitting it, but it actually feels great not having meat in the morning. I probably need to research some protein replacements though…and I don’t like eggs!! So, two slices of 12-grain toast with strawberry preserves and flaxseeds it is. Oh, yeah and my Tazo Tea.

Then I dressed and headed to my one hour Zumba class!! It was a GREAT workout today. My body is getting used to moving again because I noticed some changes. First, I had no back pain, which usually starts 15 minutes into the workout. Then, I noticed I didn’t do as much low impact as usual and I was EXCITED to keep going!! Lastly, and this one is more significant than the rest, I was able to do real lunges. That may not mean anything to anyone else, but for me…lunges have always been an issue and I could never get low because it hurt me so badly. I was in deep lunges with no pain. Praise God!! WOOHOO!!

So, those are my triumphs today; glad to have been able to turn some past defeats into a victory!!

Lunch today was a tunafish sandwich and chips...should have had some fruit too, but maybe next time. Now, for tonight’s dinner, I’m making a spicy brown rice/spinach dish with shredded meatballs and a side of veggies. Here’s a photo of the ingredients because I won’t have time to post later. (Oh, I forgot the hot sauce…oh well). I’m sure it will turn out fine. I love rice!!

Our affirmation is a question we can all ask ourselves. I ran into a friend at Zumba and in our chat today she mentioned every morning she asks herself: "What can I do, for an hour, for my health today?" Great question...We can always do SOMETHING!! Enjoy your day!!

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