Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14: The Story of Your Life

My life is a perfect blend of art and creativity. Creative things keep coming my way and in everything, I am inspired. I want to do so much, I feel like I'm always in a whirlwind. You ever feel that way? Even right now, writing this, there are a million things going through my head and I can't seem to write or type fast enough to get everything down!! I think I know how Tyler Perry feels when he's in the midst of writing a new piece....WILD!!

I could probably use a lot more focus and organization right now, but I don't think that's where I'm supposed to be in this moment. I'm on a natural, artistic high and I don't mind riding it as long as possible. I just would like to get some things out there!! My planning skills could use some work, everything seems so jumbled. LOL

So, yesterday was great!! I gave my sorority sister her computer lesson and we worked on internet navigation. I helped her set up her first email address, where I learned WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!! Wow, that is amazing!!

She invited me to be her guest at the Masters Series Reception and Speaker at the museum. The museum was excited to have a newly acquired painting Van Campen Family Portrait in a Landscape by Frans Hals. Hals, along with Rembrandt and Vermeer, is considered to be one of the three greatest artists of the Dutch Golden Age and TMA had been seeking an example of his work for 40 years. A true testament, that hard work and persistence does indeed pay off!!

The speaker, an expert curator from The Netherlands, was very colorful in his storytelling, taking us on a journey through some of Hals works and giving us the background stories. I never found history that interesting when I was in school, but hearing life stories are just fascinating to me. Maybe it's the reason I find such comfort in blogging...I love telling a story just as much as I love reading one.

I've learned that everyday we're writing our own's colored by our experiences, our ups and downs, the people we meet along the way and by the decisions we make. What page are you writing about your life today? I hope it's worth reading!!

Today's Affirmation: "Everything that I do, always leads me straight to my passion."

P.S. I forgot to do my fitness check...a few days ago I got in my closet jeans. You know the jeans that don't quite fit, but you don't dare get rid of them because you KNOW you'll get back into them. Well, I pulled mine out and put them on!! They fastened nicely, while I was standing upright (no pulling them up while sprawled across the bed on my back LOL)!! WOOOHOO!!

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