Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2: Walked it Out!!

What a beautiful Sunday!!

After a good night's sleep, I got up I ended up skipping church. I figured I could get some work done and look for new opportunities.

Still haven't been to the grocery store yet, so...PB&Jam it was for breakfast. LOL I added flaxseeds to my sandwich and drank some Organic Chai black tea again. Yesterday was my first time trying it and I loved to enough to have it again. I'm an avid tea drinker and since it's now chilly, it makes it so much easier to drink.

Sidenote: If on your travels you decide to get me a souvenir, please make it tea from that native land. Thank you!!

As far as career, I am still hammering out some plans that I have on paper. Everything's all jumbled right now, but I know it will come together. Working on the focus to make that happen.

So dinner was "Soul Food" style, meaning: AT MY PARENTS HOUSE!! LOL It's a great way to relax. We had baked porksteak, greens and cornbread. I skipped the yams...yuck!!

Exercise: After dinner, I took a walk around their neighborhood for 30 minutes. It was probably a 0.7 miles and I had to mentally talk myself through the first 15 minutes. Seriously, my calves were tighening up and my lower back was hurting. Once I was on my way back, things were much better. Walking always makes me feel good (after I'm done) and it helps give me clarity. I had my little walk with Jesus...

That's really all to report today. I did make some decisions about what's next. I'll share when I get started. Have a great week and here's our affirmations for today:

"My career is taking off like a rocket. I always contribute to my body in healthy ways."

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