Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I will be M.O.M.

Motivated to Organize in March. I was the Domestic Diva of Frugal in February and I will keep that cooking thing going. In March, however, it’s about putting together the things that have fallen apart over the last couple of months. I have been helping a Soror declutter and she, in turn, has been assisting me with organizing my life.

She gave me the BEST GIFT EVER!! FileSolutions…The Home Filing System!! (http://www.filesolutions.com)

O-M-G!! It is the best system a disorganized slacker like me could EVER have!! It’s easy to use and color-coded. The makers of this product, thought of EVERYTHING!! My goal and intent for March is to file ALL my paperwork in this filing system and keep it together. I’ve already started and it’s really great!!

So, I’ve mapped out a couple of goals for the month:

1) File all the paperwork

2) Get storage tools for all my stuff

3) Finish DIY projects (hanging artwork, put together jewelry box)

4) Donate the items no longer needed or wanted

BONUS Goal: It’s important for to know is that everything has a place. This month, I will find out where those places are and put my items there!!

There are a lot of things forthcoming and I want to be prepared for them. There has to be space for them!! Many people, myself included, claim to be multi task oriented, but the fact is, multitasking in chaos is just not conducive to true productivity. When things are cluttered there’s an immobilizing and stagnant feeling that comes over me. When there is greatness to be achieved, the last thing we need to be is stuck.

So, I declare the way to unlock the key to the next phase in life is to organize and clear a path for it. Join me in being M.O.M…Motivated to Organize in March!!

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  1. I really need to the same thing! I'm gonna check out that web site. Every thing looks good. You know you have our support!!!
    Love Ya Sis!!