Saturday, February 26, 2011

Domestic Diva

I have been quite the domestic diva lately. I have been cooking and cleaning more than usual. (I guess there's at least ONE good side to these snow days we keep getting.)

Anyway, I used to hate to cook, so much so, I would have much rather cleaned the toilet. Now, being in my home for about 18 months now, I've found a love in my heart for cooking. Ordering from Angel Food Ministries ( has also challenged me to use what I have in the house and to try out new foods. They have such a variety of food every month, many I wouldn't even normally buy. So, it's gotten me on the menu bandwagon.

So now I start off with a basic recipe, but make it my own specialty by adding my own little spice to it. This month, I made Pinto Beans for the first time and they were DELICIOUS!! My family and friends are loving it and I am loving my kitchen!!

Yesterday, after finishing 5 loads of laundry...I pulled out my spool of thread to mend some pants...LOL

There is a reason for this domestic wave of energy I'm experiencing...preparation for the future. I think so.

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