Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Check Up on M.O.M.: The Process of Progress

While looking through old files and shredding old documents, I literally see the growth in my life.

Some of this process was really fun. I enjoyed reminiscing over old pictures, business cards, my cute checks (Pink Panther, Retro), and both mine and my daughter’s achievements over the years. I couldn’t help but to feel proud of myself. Proud of the growth I attained spiritually, financially and emotionally. Looking back I can see just how much of an achiever I’ve always been. I found that I’m no longer a big competitor…my mindset now is that “the top” is for anyone and everyone who seeks it…not just for a few.

Some other realizations came up in these files. I used to be organized…LOL Also, I used to be frivolous and haphazard in the way I spent my time, my money and my resources. That realization helps me to see that I am changing…and change is good. Freedom is the current dominant emotion right now. I can now and have now released all limiting beliefs about myself, my life and my family’s lives.

Progress...This is good.

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