Friday, April 1, 2011

March Wrap Up...April Goals

So...March was my month to get my organizing on!! For the most part, I really got it together. I didn't complete all my organization tasks, but I did complete the huge project of paperwork and filing. Now I can find anything I need easily and quickly!! That was the REAL goal!!

Happy for the lil diva because she has a JOB!! She is making her own money (she's also paying rent and for her own car insurance)!!

March was also a great month because I not only got the debt monkey off my back, I also purchased my voice over equipment, so now I can do what I love, in my own home!! It was an investment and I used my credit card for some of it, but it was worth the investment. I plan on getting a great return!! Now, I just need to focus!! I'm thankful to God and looking forward to what's next!!

GOALS for April
- Complete my demo and build my voice over business
- Networking: obtain and participate in more contract jobs
- Get ready for daughter's' Prom and other senior activities
- Set aside funds for conference, graduation and family reunions
- Participate in Earth Month (I have a few bags and boxes ready to be recycled)

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