Friday, March 4, 2011

Check In on M.O.M.: Confessions of an Ex-Packrat

People change!! Thank God!! I've evolved into a frugal, but abundantly thinking person. I've also began to understand that I don't NEED everything. So cluttering our lives with endless things is just not helpful to a person that wants to succeed in life. We HAVE to leave the baggage behind. Close the door on some's the only way to be open to the things we really want and need!!

In my quest to be M.O.M. (Motivated to Organize in March), I've been going through my old file cabinet and my old room at my parents house. YES, I'm spoiled and still have things at my parents house!! They are not bothering anybody...but ME!!

So anyway, I gathered file after file and folder after folder of papers, workbooks, receipts, mementos and envelopes. Seriously, why did I need to keep the envelopes for bills I either paid in person or online? Some of this junk even dates back to grade school. That is a shame!! So needless to say, I have been spending large portions of my days sorting, shredding and recycling mounds of paper waste.

As far as I can remember, I was a paper shuffler. I just couldn't throw anything away, just put it in a folder or tucked it in a binder. I remember once asking my cousin Angie to help me clean up. When she would ask me what to keep, it was always everything she picked up. Finally she stopped asking me and just started tossing things in the trash. All these years later...I finally get it. I didn't need it!! 

So now, that rule has now been adopted. I keep what means something to me and the rest gets shredded or recycled (see there's that evolution thing...before we just threw it all in the trash). If I need the information, we have this WONDERFUL place called Google, where I can most certainly retrieve it. No matter what, it gets out of my life, so I can clear space for something greater!! On a mission!! Who's with me?  

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